75 dedicated staff

In business since 1994

Located in 4 countries

Main office in Denmark

Office in Germany

Office in England

Office in Sweden

5 owners

5 board members

Part of Cadesign Holding A/S

AAA certified

A visual communication agency

Cadesign form

Holding ground since 1994

Starting a business is tough. Keeping it running is tougher. Why? Because you have to withstand market recessions and economic downturns, invest through crises and uphold a ten-year-plan? Yes, sure. That is a factor for any business.

The real challenge is to insist on continuous innovation, uphold the best work conditions for your employees at all times and doing everything better than we did yesterday.

Since the start-up back in 1994, Cadesign form has built up a strong work culture and core strategy. Cadesign form set out on a journey into digital visualization as a cgi agency. A brand new and exciting world, which in many ways forced us to make up the path as we travelled it. We were pioneers seeing brand new visual possibilities unfold and we dreamt of being among the very best to put them to good use.

Today we are proud to find ourselves among the very best when it comes to understanding, mastering and offering all sorts of cgi and digital visualization and we have a broad range of services within visual communication.

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Values in effect

Company values may be a cliché term. However, the effect (when they are actually put into action) is tangible. Every time we face a problem and think “this is just not doable” – we know that #everything is possible if we dare to take a new approach.

When we’re tempted to take the easy road, we know that we are too proud and have too much self-respect to deliver anything but high #quality

If the comfort zone feels a bit too warm and cosy, we remind ourselves that #courage is how we stay in front and what fuels our motivation.

Luckily, a strong team spirit and the joint forces of all our different competences and personalities provides us with all the #passion we need to have fun with what we do. 

#everything is possible




Credit Worthiness

Part of being a professional business partner is solidity. A solid work force, solid local presence, solid experience and to great extent a solid financial position. Cadesign form is credited with a good credit rating, which proves that Cadesign form is stable, that customers are satisfied, and that we have a strong cooperation with our suppliers.


Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

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