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The unattainable surroundings

In a world where technology keeps evolving, we need to start taking full advantage of the many amazing things we can use it for. Technology has never been as highly evolving as it right now, which makes a lot of exciting opportunities for a company like ours, working with 3D and CGI productions and animated features.

25 years anniversary

25 years ago, three determined young entrepreneurs founded Cadesign. Since day one, we have been pioneers constantly exploring new visual possibilities and setting the highest standards. Since 1994, Cadesign form has turned into an internationally successful agency with more than 75 dedicated employees.

Color trends AW19/20

With a new season comes a new exciting section of trending colors. Here are the colors that our in-house stylist believes will be the most trending and iconic ones througout the upcoming autumn season. 

Top 6 trends spotted at Formland AW19/20

Last month we were off to Formland, yet again, to learn about the future trends for the upcoming autumn season. Here's what we discovered...

My first week as an intern

The world of visual communication can be rather complex - Our new marketing intern, Mie, joined our department in Aarhus last week and shares her perception of our endless world of visual communication.   

Remodel your home with 3D

With 3D, you don't need to imagine what a room will look like - it can be illustrated. See how Mateusz decorated his apartment digitally before doing it physically.

We help you look your best

Styling is a framing and branding device and a powerful tool to both enhance a product and draw in an audience. We interviewed our stylist, Chase, to ask him about his work here at Cadesign form and what difference his work makes for our clients.

Building Construction is going digital!

After hundreds of years where the wholesaler played an important role in the industry of building construction, the manufacturer is now in more direct contact with the people working in the industry.

Tech with effect - webGL

With new technologies come new possibilities. WebGL or Web Graphics Library offers new ways to interact with your product - more interaction equals increased sales

The revive of the Memphis movement

In this blog post, our stylist places emphasis on the Memphis movement - a movement that dominated the early 80s and has now found its way back to influence fashion, interior and our mindset.

Top 6 trends spotted in Milan

We went to Milan to discover more trends of the upcoming seasons. Here's what we found...

Talk to the heart through storytelling

Read our newsletter about storytelling and see Novenco's spectacular fly film.

Interior trends SS19

We have made an overview of the trends we believe you will see more of in SS19

Product launch ready for take off

Your product, service or consultancy may be ground-breaking, but it's only a success if people know it's there and it's being set to use. So make sure to plan the launch with the same commitment and enthusiasm that you bestowed on the development.

VR + Eye-tracking is a match made in tech heaven!

The newest HTC Vive Pro headset includes eye-tracking. And we're very excited about it!

A star is born

Take your excellent product and combine it with an intuitive and fun product pesentation tool and there you have it; TV star material...

Christmasify your images

Take your favourite product images and give them a seasonal twist

How to make a CGI still

Ever wondered how we make our CGI stills? Here's the process

How to succeed on social media

Social media are overflowing with information!

Trend: Glass

Glass is back! Read more about one of the biggest trends of the season.

Does your website generate sales?

Your website plays a central role when it comes to closing the deal. Is your website doing its job?

The top 5 trends spotted at Formland / DK

We were off to Formland to see what's going to trend in the months to come. Check out what we discovered:

d2 Vienna 2018

We have gathered some of our experiences from the annual d2 conference in Vienna 2018

If you need it – we create it

We saw a need for VR experiences that are controlled by you – the salesperson – from basically any business area out there. As such a technology wasn’t available on the market, we decided to invent it.

EVERYTHING within housing project sales

Our market-leading brand, Dimension Design, is 100% dedicated to serve and innovate the marketing of property development. A dedication that shows results for the project sales customers.

New look – better service

Welcome to a new and upscaled Cadesign form. We have moderated our logo, changed the colour, created a new website, but most importantly, we have upgraded our services to accommodate all customer journeys.

Customising Talgø

Talgø delivers custom-made garden rooms and pergolas. The challange to that excellent concept is: How do we show customers ALL combinations without overwhelming them?

We have the solution!

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