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Building Construction is going digital!

After hundreds of years where the wholesaler played an important role in the industry of building construction, the manufacturer is now in more direct contact with the people working in the industry. This is partly due to digitalization and the fact that a lot of constructions today are part of a comprehensive process, where people want things to be running smoothly and preferably fast.

According to Solar CCO, Hugo Dorph, the market is now mature for digital transformation. But not only is it ready; Dorph predicts that only the companies embracing this tendency will make it in the future.

In order to adapt to these changes successfully, companies must perceive digitalization as a mindset and something that needs to be prioritized as a core strength. Otherwise, Dorph believes, they will be challenged in the future.

We happen to know a few companies within building construction who have gone digital:


Installation guide right at hand – assembly films.

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Egernsund Tegl

Integrated configurator and customized solutions

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Source: Molio: "Man kan ikke klare alting selv". Accessible through their website

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