d2 Vienna 2018

This year, Cadesign form and Dimension Design went to the international ArchViz conference in Vienna. We consider it important to seek out the community and participate in events. In these competitive times, sharing knowledge and experiences can seem like an issue but we operate by the idea that if you open up to the community, they will open up to you.

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We met old friends and made new ones too


It was really inspiring to experience talks that not only focused on the technical aspects of ArchViz, but that also addressed the business side of running studios. Here, we heard Justin Bourn from Blank Canvas talk about vision, mission, values, and culture, the backbones of any successful business. In Cadesign form, we have worked strategically with all these factors for many years now and know that making strategic choices, even when dealing with values and culture, are extremely important. You have to constantly adjust, ensure you get new employees included and invested, and use your values in the daily work both internally and externally.

On a very inspirational side, we saw Sava Zivkovic... With the amount of work and quality Sava has produced, we are sure he must have more hours in a normal day than everyone else does.

Mike Golden gave a just as inspiring speech looking at the ArchViz image process and challenging the general status quo. We need to always look into the technology and process and challenge how we currently do things. We do not expect our clients to know the technology and we should guide them and ensure they get the most value we can deliver within their budget while also working to excite both our clients and colleagues. Excitement feeds motivation and feeds the creativity and culture. If a change is ever needed to achieve this excitement, that change is worth making.


Thanks go out to Fabio and the entire D2 team for an inspirational show and atmosphere!

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