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Selling homes and branding residential areas

Housing project sales is a niche market in the sense that their marketing needs are unique. Selling projects that are not actually built demands innovative marketing. A house buyer needs solid conviction when investing a relatively large sum of money in a project they cannot yet see. Moreover, it has huge effect whether a project sales area is branded and promoted in an honest and impressive manner, as people buy homes and not just apartments or buildings.

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No noise – all inclusive

Project sales marketing is a whole package of communication strategy, identity, website, brochure, visualisations, social media advertisement, film and commercial. We’re not saying that you need it all – we’re just saying that we can create it all. That is why we dedicate our brand, Dimension Design, solely to that specific market. Dimension Design was, and still is, a market leader, and we have worked in a close collaboration with them since we acquired them in 2017.

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Selling the dream

A perfectly photorealistic image is only half the sale… the other half is atmosphere, target group focused styling, a terrace view of the sunset with happy people drinking white wine… In short, house buyers are buying the dream of a new and better life.

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