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Tech news: Eye-tracking has found its way to VR

Having both VR and eye-tracking professionals in-house, our Aarhus office has been buzzing since the news arrived: The newest VR headset from HTC Vive Pro has integrated eye-tracking.

If you want to know more about VR, you can read more here. If you are not familiar with eye-tracking, it can be introduced briefly as an accurate technology that measures what people look at.

We believe the combination of these technologies has a lot of potential for companies as well as consumers. Companies can adopt this technology to see where customers focus their attention and where they do not look at all. Consumers can also use this VR headset for a variety of purposes – one of the interesting cases was testing your public speaking skills through the headset – do you focus on a few people in the crowd or do you give the whole crowd your attention? Do you repeat the same words over and over again? It will let you know!

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