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… everyone says that, but not all can actually deliver in all aspects of visual communication. We can.
We can because we have all competences in-house and an innovative mindset. We rarely sell an off the shelf product anymore as we have become a trusted visual communications partner with all of our customers.

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The story of a chair...?

CGI covers all types of products. So whether your product is a pump, a brick, a stove, a piece of furniture, a kitchen or a chair - we can transform it into a world of visual possibilities. To uncover the wonders of CGI magic, we have created a story of a chair. It's worth a try, so take the scroll experience!


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We have simplified the services to give you a better overview and hopefully inspire you to take new marketing steps. Through our service overview you can access our top service categories and rest assured... we really do everything within visual communication, so whatever the need, we have in-house competences to make your dreams come true.


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We will also be available on more platforms to guide you through the marketing jungle with good advice and inspiring visuals. So, what's where? You follow us on LinkedIn for trends and news. On Instagram for inspiration and impressive visuals. On Pinterest for tagged products, segmented image boards and cross company branding. On Facebook for insights on our work processes, team efforts and maybe a fun fact or two. On Vimeo for all our film activities and behind the scenes footage. And finally, by reading our newsletters with style trends, technical trends and marketing guides.

Oh... and we've created a new corporate film. In all modesty, we are quite proud of our own corporate film, and we will tell you why: It does the job, but in a new and refreshing way – stepping away from the stereotype and further into the future of corporate film.

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