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Interior trends SS/19

By Chase Galliardo

A new season, a new fair… or several. We’ve been attending three so far and have a few more to come. It is an important part of our job and the Cadesign form brand that we stay updated on upcoming and current trends. Not only do we make sure to implement these trends in our work throughout the year but we also act as an advisor for many of our clients on design choices, visual direction for their images and what changes to their images will make their brand stand out and stay relevant in the seasons to come. As with all trends, some will make it through the year and some won't. We have reflected on all three fairs and agreed on the top trends that we have observed being the most influential and impossible to avoid. So here is our list of the trends that you will most likely come across in the upcoming season.



General theme: Mindfulness / Wellness

Considering that we prioritize sustainability, health, and relationships more than ever, it is not surprising that it has now made its way into our homes and interior design – big time! Think acoustic panels, sound-proof office cubicles, ergonomic furniture. All intended to help giving us a more brain-friendly work environment and make our home a sacred oasis from where we can regain our energy and creativity and where we won’t be bombarded with noise. It’s about healing, regenerating and reclaiming our physical and mental health.

Trend 1: More Art and more Play

Art continues as one of the biggest trends from 2018 to 2019. Last year, we were introduced to materials and shapes inspired by the 80s as well as plenty of handmade ceramics and terracotta to fill our home. We also witnessed several types of furniture redesigned and used as a décor piece rather than just a piece of furniture intended for its original use. The trend continues this year with a focus on new organic shapes for furniture as well as decorative accessories. It’s still heavily inspired by the 80s and 70s, but it’s mixed with the trend of sustainability, wellness, and mindfulness. The various new shapes and surfaces serve to stimulate our senses and the ultimate goal for ss19 is to create a space for you to feel calm and relaxed. Fun shapes and handmade items are still a safe choice when looking to decorate your home and if you add a touch of 80s materials such as glass and chrome you are sure to catch the essence of ss19.

Trend 2: Textures and Surfaces

Following today's trend of wellness and mindfulness, we see more and more new materials than before with rustic and sensuous surfaces with an imperfect finish. There is also a big focus on creating brand new materials from new sources. Some are even growing manmade materials based on fungi that are used for chair seats or shoes woven from nettle. It’s a playful way to not only find a green solution for our future productions, but it also creates a sensuous experience when we are in physical contact with the materials. There is also a large increase in the use of rough textiles for furniture to stimulate our senses thus making the use of the given furniture a more relaxing and comforting experience.

Trend 3: Yellow is the new Black

Yellow. Need I say more?
Yellow is one of the most consistent trends this season. It is everywhere and on almost every item to hit the stores. Both in fashion as well as in living. We are talking yellow on everything and anything from your walls at home to lampshades, wall clocks, beds… etc. etc… Though as for furniture, we see a lot of deep yellow shades being used more often than the brighter colors. There are, of course, many other new trending colors to choose from this season, however, yellow seems to be the most dominating so far.

Trend 4: Rattan

The 70s use of rattan and bamboo in furniture design is back and it’s incorporated into anything from chairs to tables, sideboards, and wall decoration. Of the stands we visited at the fairs, most of them displayed the use of rattan and bamboo in some shape or form. It’s a 70s vibe mixed with the contemporary designs of today. A fun mix that makes the rattan stand out as a new and urban feature.

Trend 5: Sustainability

For a few years now, sustainability and finding green alternatives has been a big focus in many industries.

And it continues to grow as the lack of resources and the concern of the health of our planet, grow alongside it. There is a subtle connection between the search for a healthier planet and the search for our own wellness and mindfulness. Secondhand and reuse of materials is not just a current trend but a necessity, and the designers know that and thus we are introduced to a variety of new materials created from sources such as garbage and used plastic etc.

Trend 6: Small Living

Small living is getting bigger and bigger... not just as a concept but out of need. More and more people are moving to the bigger cities and thus having to fit their lives into smaller spaces. It isn't just the students but young couples, families and the elderly as well. Some furniture brands now made ‘small living’ an entire segment or division, where the focus is on making designs with multiple functions to fit multiple purposes within a small home.


This concludes our list of the trends we believe will have a substantial impact on the interior and styling you will see in the seasons to come. We hope you will have fun inviting SS/19 into your homes. Happy styling!

Chase Galliardo

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