Freedom to choose what sells

Okay, so VR is already an unparalleled sales tool – that is a fact. But what if you could take the VR xperience to the next level and control your customer’s VR journey? Guide the customer in the direction that sells your product?
Let us present: The customizable and controllable Virtual Reality Sales App by Cadesign form.
Sounds intriguing? Press play and be amazed...

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So what do you get?


- Stand-alone App to Samsung GearVR smartphones and Android tablets

- Tablet controller feature allowing you to guide multiple customers and let them watch the same content simultaneously

- Easy and safe distribution through app stores

- Device overview feature – showing name and battery level on all smartphones connected to the tablet

Out goes standard menus and random VR strolling – in comes customized interaction built around your brand with a guided VR-tour.

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