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In a world where technology keeps evolving, we need to start taking full advantage of the many amazing things we can use it for. Technology has never been as highly evolving as it right now, which makes a lot of exciting opportunities for a company like ours, working with 3D and CGI productions and animated features. Facts are, that almost every Hollywood film production team uses 3D modelling to speed up production, to reduce costs, and to make interesting CGI effects – and so do we!

Out there, in the real world, we spend so much money on locations, photographers, materials, working hands and heavy equipment to set up for branding, exposure and marketing. But really this can be done in a way more effective and exciting way.

Take kitchens, houses or big pieces of furniture for example and logistics will in many situations stop your dreams from getting that perfect location. Contrary to this, when it comes to CGI stills, interactive features or videos, only your dreams limit the reality.

Imagine your product in front of the coastline of Hawaii or on the top of Manhattan of New York. You do not have to think about logistics such as flight expenses, transportation, if the sun is shining or if it is raining outside. Thanks to technology and with excellent expertise from our skilled team, you can decide what you think will match your products, which creates an amazing synergy. We have cases, where we show sunsets from the living room, snow landscapes from Scandinavia or even from a desert in Dubai. Each case shows the story that our customer wanted to tell, and we hope that you can dream yourself away by just looking at them.

Normally, a process of creating new stills or videos can take weeks of planning and making. The time to market can be a long process where many people are involved, and many things can go wrong. If the carpenter and/or the photographer gets sick or are unable to attend, it is undeniable that the process won’t be as fast as you would have liked it to be. After all, a delay in the commercialization of a product can be a deal-breaker. This is because of the novelty of a new product or feature that quickly diminishes. So if you want to ensure that your innovations reach your customers as fast as possible and with the best quality, maybe CGI stills and/or animations are the way for your company. We know that the normal long processes can be made more efficient. Digitalization has come to stay, and you do not want to be the last one to get on board!

With 3D modelling you have infinite possibilities, and really, it is just hard to argue against! Technology is future. Technology is now. We design dreams and we make the unattainable attainable. If you are not convinced yet, then let the pictures speak for themselves.

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