The top 5 trends spotted at Formland / DK


Chase Galliardo, Stylist

Last month we were off to Formland/ Denmark, to spot new trends for 2019 and attend a vast line-up of trend talks by various trend analysts, stylists, and trendsetters in the industry.
In between the talks, we were busy searching through the venue, for the biggest new interior trends that we will be working with this season and throughout next year. September is the time of year where everything changes. Not only in fashion but in interior design as well. All of the new trend forecasts are in new color schemes, new shapes and new moods which will have a huge effect on our work this season. As usual, it was a day full of inspiring content and a lot of new interesting information.
We thought we would share our picks of the top 5 upcoming trends that you will see a lot more of in our future work in AW18.

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#1 Terracotta and handmade ceramics

Terracotta is one of the biggest keywords this season. Handmade terracotta and ceramics have been a stable trend throughout 2018, and it continues to be a big part of our interior in 2019. There is a big focus on texture and surfaces.
Rustic, raw and imperfections are what to look for when you style with ceramics this season!

This trend will play a big role in our styling for our Scandinavian and European clients. If you follow us on Instagram, chances are that you will see a lot more of this trend in our future renders. And why not try to style your home, office or store with this trend as well.

#2 New colours

Speaking of terracotta, the earthy and warm colour of the fired clay serves as a base for this season’s trending colour scheme.

Burned and natural colours are all the rage. It's a twisted take on the 70's look with variations of brown and orange mixed with burned pastels.

#3 Faces

Wherever you look, it feels like someone is looking back with faces appearing everywhere from molded vases and ceramics to fabrics and prints. It's an artistic feature that brings the personal and cultural back into our homes.

Faces might not be for everyone, but there are numerous ways to apply this trend in your styling and it is without a doubt a trend worth exploring!

#4 Dried flowers

As the brown and burned colours slowly take over and fall is starting to unfold, dried flowers are the perfectly timed trend to follow.

More and more dead floral creations are showing up everywhere in the industry and it is one of the big forecasts for 2019. Palms and patterned plants are still very much in, but the dried flowers have found its way back into our homes and it looks like a trend that could stay with us throughout 2019.

#5 Coloured glass

Regardless if you are looking for new tableware, vases or other decor items, you can't avoid bumping into coloured glass.

It's a fun and fresh addition to the sometimes minimalist Scandinavian mood and it's an easy way to bring both life and personality into any room.

#6 The bonus

As a bonus, we've added this new trend that's been popping up recently in various magazines and interior blogs. It's the Fringe.
From lamps to pillows, sofas, and chairs, the fringe is without a doubt back! But for how long is the question?
It's quirkiness and kitsch style is what makes this trend unique, personal and one to keep an eye out for this season.

Here it's shown on a lamp from FLEUX. Though the fringe is considered an antique feature, here it is mixed with both a contemporary shape and material. It will be interesting to see if this trend will become a hit amongst interior designers or if it will simply disappear within the season.

While there were many other trends to mention, these were the ones we spotted being key in 2019. I speak for all of us here at Cadesign form when I say that we look forward to incorporating these trends into our work and help our clients stay relevant and trending!

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