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3D and photography for the German market leader in car service

A.T.U is the market leader in German car service. The formula of success is based on a convincing combination: the car repair shop plus an integrated car accessories shop plus an online shop. Thus A.T.U offers a unique all-round service for drivers. A.T.U operates more than 600 shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The approximately 10,000 employees generate annual sales of around one billion euros.

For the rim catalog, Cadesign form has not only created the picture for the title page, but also other vehicle scenes as well as rim pictures. For the environment scenes, the cars and the A.T.U rims were visualized based on 3D models and then integrated into background photos.

As a result, the rims can be optimally represented in a highly dynamic manner on a vehicle in an attention-grabbing landscape. Through this presentation, the customers are addressed emotionally and the sales is supported.

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