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Identity development for Denmark's leading general infrastructure contractor

Aarsleff is Denmark's leading general infrastructure contractor and manages projects across the globe.
Aarsleff’s eternal challenge was to present a wide spectrum of complex competencies in a way that would be easy to understand and would captivate and involve potential clients. Cadesign form was in position with the ideal solution: if you possess a world of competencies, then create your own world!

Using 3D visualisation, we created a unique and interactive platform – Aarsleff World.
By making the user a part of the world that Aarsleff represents, the firm's business partners, potential employees and clients are now able to come together to interact in an original and exhilarating way. This fresh approach is conducive to creativity and taking action, whilst engaging and communicating at the same time.

With the ultimate starting point, which can be twisted, extended, replaced and recycled in any way you want, the obvious choice is to transfer it to other forms of communication. This led to the development of Aarsleff’s corporate movie, which takes Aarsleff World as its point of departure and presents competencies, key figures and values in a visually exciting and involving way.

Using only one product, Aarsleff is able to create synergy across multiple platforms, brand themselves visually, communicatively and auditory and tell who they are, and what they can do in record time.

Cadesign form is Aarsleff's full service partner.


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