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When visual communication is the way forward

AJ Products reached out to us as they needed to visualize a new product from their wide range of warehouse shelving and pallet racking systems. As AJ Products is one of the leading office-, school-, warehouse-, and industry suppliers in Europe, they needed some quality stills to show their new product, so their clients could see the quality of this brand new product. As the function of the product was not easy to visualize in reality, 3D was the optimal way forward. Using 3D stills made the process a lot faster for a company like AJ Products. The fact that they did not have to produce a sample of their product, divide it in to small parts and take the photos means that the process runs more smoothly and is way faster. The focus on the stills was to show the small details that would be hard to catch on a real camera, and furthermore to make them more alive and visual for their customers. The idea is that you can tell the story behind and see how the product works in reality simply by looking at the stills.

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"Surprisingly more"

AJ Products were so satisfied with the stills that when they had to present and release the product on a trade fair, they also requested a video that could show the functionality of the product. This turned into a creative process between AJ Products and our team of 3D experts to make this become reality. They wanted to visualize the warehouse, and show the product’s simple functionality to save space, but also show the individual parts of the product. This would normally be quite a big task to visualize in reality, but with technology today, and with the 3D animation and program we use, the outcome was impressive. Now, the product is visualized in parts, in totality, and its functions are shown in a lively way so that AJ Products’ customers can see the purpose and visualize it in their own warehouse. AJ Products wanted to show the possibilities of this new product, and it really turned out to be the ideal way of presenting it at fair trades and matching their slogan: “Surprisingly more.”

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