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What dreams are made of...

BoConcept went from photography to CGI for their new images and they are very happy about it. The first image you see when you visit their website is in fact CGI. The location is a fabulous terrace in a modern townhouse.

In the same set of images that BoConcept is using for its catalogue, you will also find several other images from the same terrace as well as images from an amazing rooftop that stands out from its environment with skyscrapers and city life as a green and relaxing oasis.

The images look incredibly photorealistic and it’s hard to believe the locations are not real. Our 3D artists shared with us that it is often about making the world look less perfect. Peeling paint, cracked tiles and dirt in the corner are some of the things that you may think you would like to avoid now that CGI can help you create the images exactly as you want them. But those are the things that make it look real so we almost feel like we are at the location. CGI is selling a dream. And dreams sell your product.

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