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Wooden floors for every taste

BOEN sells amazing wooden floors that match a variety of styles. The different floors naturally need to be presented in the best possible way – with VR. BOEN has received a VR solution from Cadesign form, where customers can choose between 80(!) different images inside the glasses. Whether they are looking for classical elegance or raw New York style, they get their future floors under their feet with wooden floors for every taste and surroundings for every style in 360 degree photorealism.

Marketing Director at BOEN, Finn Roger Opedal, says:

"Going from traditional photography to digital/VR has been a new and insightful process for us here at BOEN. 'Our world' and business is, just like any other business, becoming more digital, where an understanding of the customer journey and consumer behaviour is incredibly important (...) This is where it becomes crucial to find the right partner. Cadesign understands our processes and demands, and they are not afraid to challenge us in areas outside of our comfort zone."

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