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Recyclable apartment selector for Swedish developer company



3D images / Apartment Selector

Botrygg is a developer company situated in Sweden. As a developer, they face the eternal challenge; to visualize and present housing to potential buyers before the housing is finished. Cadesign form came up with a solution to their problem – an interactive 3D apartment-selector. The apartment-selector works as a visual navigation for the user, where they can click around the building and receive information on size, amount of rooms, price etc. This provides the potential buyer with a far better sense of the apartments. Therefore, the interactive tool has a sales supportive function that benefits both buyer and seller.

However, when you like Botrygg build several projects on a yearly basis and many of them requires an apartment-selector, it can turn into quite an expensive business. Cadesign form reduced the future cost of Botrygg by creating a recyclable apartment selector that makes future apartment selectors far less expensive to produce. 

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