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Elevating Cibes

Cibes teamed up with us because they needed a customizer. That was two years ago and like their lifts, things escalated to a wider selection of marketing materials.
Most recently, we have created a product launch film to promote their new lift concept EcoSilent. It is an Eco-friendly, silent and beautiful lift that can be fitted into modern homes. By extracting the value of the product for its buyers in an atmospheric storytelling, Cibes presents more than a product – they present the dream that the product unfolds.

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Customizing a win-win solution


Cibes invents lift accessibility solutions for public and private buildings and has been in the lift business for more than 70 years. They make elegant, ready-made lift solutions, which hardly require any building adaptation. This means that their lifts are much faster and easier to install than conventional lifts.

They offer a wide range of solutions. Their customers can alter and combine different styles, details, materials, and colours and what better way to present all the combination possibilities than a customizer?

It is an intuitive design tool that gives customers the possibility to create their unique solution, while the underlying system keeps track of product information, product number and fittings. Thus, making it easier to buy, sell and ship correct orders. Win-win-win.

See a film about the functions and brilliance of the Cibes customizer below…

Or try it here

EcoSilent by Cibes

Lifts are becoming more and more attractive for a larger audience. However, there have been some obstacles refraining customers from buying, where space and noise are the main factors. But, not anymore... EcoSilent is the quiet revolution offering a silent and easy to install lift for private homes.

With clever storytelling, we brought out the unique selling points, giving Cibes a commercial that hit the mark in terms of target audience, product excellence and branding Cibes as an innovative first-mover. 

See the commercial here or below

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