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Micro Matic offers a variety of beverage dispense equipment for many different types of businesses. Depending on the beverage and type of business who wants to purchase, the product they buy from Micro Matic can be very different. Customers can create their own custom product with different coolers, fonts, handles etc. that can be combined in many different ways. Also, the customers have the possibility to upload their own logo or other brand-related elements to the components. To conclude: The possibilities are endless. You can make the product look any way you want!

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Since the product is so customizable, it is difficult to show. Micro Matic knows the answer is digital configuration and that is where we entered the picture.

In order to make the optimal solution for a complex product, a lot of effort has to be put into getting familiar with the product and all aspects of it. It is incredibly important to know this in order to make the configurator true to reality so the customer knows which components can be combined, which ones cannot etc.

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“Cadesign works on a highly professional level and we are very satisfied with the process. We truly value the flexibility and opportunities we get for the future by working with real CGI”


Micro Matic’s Marketing Manager, Peter Vejlgaard Jørgensen


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