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A Danfoss product presentation gets a wonderful lift

When a company like Danfoss sets about introducing a new, technically advanced product, the aim is to present it as simply as possible, whilst also wowing the audience. How then does the marketing designer manage both challenges? They tell a story! Stories capture people's imagination and illustrate and inspire in a completely fresh way – one which the bare facts simply can't deliver.

Cadesign form has developed a film based on a brand new concept, through which the customer is taken on an emotional journey that creates better understanding of and interest in the Danfoss product. The product is invested with the power of something that is universally known, whilst Danfoss is linked to a world in which aesthetics, exquisite timing and the elegance of synchronisation are vital components. This raises the Danfoss product presentation to a whole new, brilliantly innovative level. The product acquires emotional meaning – a convincing starting point when it comes to sales.

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