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VR helps Danfoss show their products in Bali



Danfoss impressed visitors at the Danfoss Drives conference in New Orleans in 2016 with their engaging VR-setup. You can read more about that here. So the expectations for the conference in Bali in 2017 were based on their experiences the year before – therefore, they were high.

Danfoss is a bit challenged when it comes to showing their products because they are large and difficult to transport. So Danfoss had to be creative in order to bring their products to Bali. Yet again, the perfect solution was VR. Danfoss’ new VR setup didn’t just give an insight into their products – it allowed visitors to enter Danfoss’ world and see the products in their real surroundings. Thanks to VR, the visitors could reach out for Danfoss’ products, take them to pieces and turn them so all the details are visible.

So the visitors at Danfoss Drives in 2017 got the opportunity to step directly into Danfoss’ world – and this is despite the fact that they were about 12,000 kilometers from Danfoss’ headquarters in Denmark.

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