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When one assignment becomes a world of visual branding

It started with a film and evolved from there. Years ago, Danfoss took us on a journey through three of their business areas, explaining the unique selling points, target groups and the challenges they face when presenting their products to the international market.

Because Danfoss introduce us to product presentations early in the process, we have a unique chance to develop the right concepts and the right story telling techniques. Moreover, we can help Danfoss choose the optimal media on the platforms that best comply with their target audiences.

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Visual communication at its best

Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. Danfoss plays an active role in the main growth themes in a world that is rapidly changing: Infrastructure, food, energy and climate are the foci of their business – a business that has grown and thrived for more than 80 years.

A Danfoss product is complex and their production setups are large and difficult to transport to conferences around the globe. 

Therefore, simplified product presentation is key. For the world’s largest Drives conference, Danfoss Drives, there was only one right answer: Virtual Reality. Together with Danfoss, we have made product presentation a memorable, educational, and fun experience.

One, two, three conferences

VR and Realtime VR have been the centre of attention at the Danfoss Drives Conferences for three years now. The reason is obvious: Not only does it give insights into their products – it allows visitors to enter Danfoss’ world and see the products in their real surroundings. Thanks to Realtime VR, the visitors can also physically reach out for Danfoss’ products, take them apart and turn them around so all the details are visible.

Complexity simplified with storytelling


At Danfoss they are brave and not only willing to take chances but intentionally seeking new and uncharted ground. They take innovative steps every day to engineer tomorrow – and luckily, we get to go with them.

Together we have set out on exciting journeys launching unconventional ideas. We have let the grace of ballet act as a symbol of the excellence of their IMC Integrated Motion Controller and created an inter-contextual reference to the “Transformers” universe to explain the wonders of their Orbital motors. The journeys are based on trust and confidence, and we are proud to meet their expectations and keep their trust.

The power of the metaphor

A Danfoss product is as finely tuned, and operates with the same synchronised perfection, as a ballet duo. Sophisticated equipment, a huge green screen and a talented crew make it happen. CGI is combined with reality when nothing but green turns into a symphony of product storytelling.

In the Orbital X product presentation film, the actor will have to act and react to nothing as the story unfolds in the editing room and not on set. Those are the demanding circumstances when working with 3D. 

Danfoss Drives understands the situations you can be exposed to in today’s society thanks to the development of technology. Just like the man in the video broadens his horizons and becomes more skilled, Danfoss Drives goes through the same process so they can remain “Consistently Awesome”.

See the films and behind the scenes footage below...

Danfoss Drives - IMC Integrated Motion Controller

Behind the scenes - Orbital X

Danfoss Power Solutions - Orbital X


Danfoss Drives - consistently awesome

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