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Identity and marketing material for Denmark's second-tallest residential building

The Øresund Tower is Denmark's second-tallest residential building. It is both a development project between DATEA and Danica Pension and a building that DATEA plans to rent out. But nothing sells itself – certainly not a building that is not even finished. As Lars Kirstein of DATEA points out, the challenge was obvious:

"Potential tenants can't experience the building they would be taking on. They can't see the view, and they can't get a feeling for that which they're considering renting or buying."

A marketing package from Cadesign form, however, provided DATEA with the best means of securing revenue as soon as the tower was finished. Cadesign form took the architect's drawings, converted them into accurate, life-like and atmospheric 3D images, and then published them on all platforms imaginable: online, in brochures, on outdoor posters and in ads. All combined with targeted communication and an overall look tailored to both the building project and the potential tenants/buyers.

Cadesign form supplied DATEA and Danica Pension with a complete marketing package that could sell their large-scale development project before it had even been built:

"We needed to sell the dreams of the future, and Cadesign form can construct the future convincingly and realistically. It would not have been possible to achieve the same occupancy rate without the material we got, so it has definitely had the right advertising effect and created the interest that was needed," says Lars Kirstein from DATEA.

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