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Do like DEBEL: Stop writing and bring your instructions to life

DEBEL is synonymous with modern window blind solutions. And in keeping up with today's trends, do-it-yourself customers represent a key target audience. One of DEBEL's priorities is to give customers the option of mounting window blinds on their own, "but here, we faced a challenge," says DEBEL's marketing coordinator, Henriette Bjerring. DEBEL's DIY customers had trouble mounting the blinds based on ordinary written instructions. And DEBEL had trouble making installation instructions and drawings that were detailed enough to solve the problem.

A new solution would have to be found. DEBEL then went to Cadesign form, who made them a 3D installation video - a solution which, in a clear, visual and detailed manner is able to demonstrate how the blinds are mounted, step by step. The customers, for their part, need only scan a QR code on the packaging to quickly and easily download the installation video to a smartphone.

See for yourself how easy installation instructions can be demonstrated below:

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