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Let your customers visit their new apartment before it has been built


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When EDC started selling apartments in “Amerika Have”, it was still just a construction site. That sounds very courageous – then the customers don’t even know what they are buying? In fact, they do. And not only do they know what they are buying – they even visited the apartment already! The question is: How on earth is that possible? The answer is VR.
The estate agent can put the VR glasses and smartphone in his bag, take the customer's arm and then off to the construction site they go. Put the VR glasses on and just like that, the customer stepped into his new apartment.
You can also get an impression of what it looks like from your own screen. So click the link and look up, down, and around: link
After visiting the apartment, the customers can get a quick overview of what apartments are available in this interactive apartment selector. Experience it here

Visit them here:

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