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Branding Bricks - Egernsund Tegl

It has been a few years since Egernsund Tegl got a brand new and functional website, and things change quickly in the digital world. New possibilities and expectations for website performance and design arise every single day. Egernsund Tegl knows that and they prioritize continuously updating their face to the outside world.

They stay on top in regard to design and implement features, before the visitors even notice it is needed! Egernsund Tegl remains a front runner when it comes to websites and impresses visitors with a visual website with bilut-in customizers and product presentation features that is future ready.

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Building with bricks online

With a vast number of different bricks with various looks and textures combined with several different bonds and mortar joints the design outputs are endless. How do you show all possibilities without wearing out your customer or losing them in presentation chaos?

Organise it and make it playful and intuitive to browse around in your entire product range. Egernsund Tegl has a wall designer implemented on their website that does exactly that. It's a customizer borne along on strong visual product presentation. 

With that product presentation tool Egernsund Tegl customers can click around in all the different combinations until they find exactly the look and feel they were searching for.

Not only will they be more satisfied with Egernsund Tegl for giving them the possibility to tailor products to their needs, they will also handle two thirds of the sales process before contacting Egernsund Tegl, making the sales process much more effective. 


“Working with Cadesign is inspiring and fruitful – Cadesign definitely helped change and improve Egernsund Tegl’s image.
One of the cool things about Cadesign is that they have a variety of experts in-house. They also made the pretty 3D images we use in our new architect catalogue, which has received a lot of praise.


Visualisations and “3D language” are increasingly becoming a part of the real world because it looks real and is made of such a high quality.
You are in good hands with Cadesign – they are innovative, visionary, friendly, solution-oriented and an amazing sounding board. You are definitely a front runner if you choose them! I wouldn’t be without them!”



Mia Thøisen, Marketing Manager, Egernsund Tegl



Why compromise?

Why settle for an average presentation of your products when you can get the images you have always wanted? Egernsund Tegl has product images where all elements in the surroundings are adapted to the product to make it stand out and shine the most. The sophisticated images inspire their customers and make them see what Egernsund Tegl’s products can do for their home.

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