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1,2 million images and counting

The initiating factor for our long-term business relation with Ekornes is their need for thousands upon thousands of product images for e-commerce. This has led to a broader marketing collaboration of film and beautiful environment images in the perfect settings to bring out the qualities of their products. The combined CGI materials are the perfect base for numerous social media posts which has made it easier for Ekornes to be present on their platforms with interesting and intriguing marketing visuals and film.

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Quantity and Quality


Like every commerce customer out there, an Ekornes customer wants to see all facets of the iconic products; every colour, every type of material, and every style combination. To accommodate this explosively evolving tendency, Ekornes needs an incalculable amount of images. We introduced them to our proprietary ImageScripting technology. And from there it has luckily expanded to other marketing visuals. The ImageScripting gives us the opportunity to create film, social media videos, environment images, website visuals and just about everything, we can come up with.

Revolutionary ergonomic furniture

Ekornes strives to be a leading brand name supplier of home furniture in domestic and international markets. And they are well on their way. The invention of the Stressless chair, back in 1971, was a revolution within ergonomic furniture as it was the first recliner designed to meet the body’s need for movement and support when seated. Today, Ekornes is setting new standards within a huge product range with dining furniture, sofas, home theatre seats, side tables, and of course the iconic recliners.

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