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Room set images are for when you want focus to be on your product but you also want to show how your product looks in a setting.

Ekornes is a furniture manufacturer - and they have done their research and found the recipe for the perfect combination of comfort and design. Whether they want to emphasize comfort, design or both, they have the images to do the job.

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In a lot of cases, product images in great quality will work wonders when trying to sell a product. But sometimes you just want to sell the dream and show your product in a cozy setting that truly complements it without taking focus from what matters most: your product.


For Ekornes, they use this type of images (we call them room set images) to help retailers who use their catalog as a tool for inspiration rather than only sales. In this case, room set images help to sell the dream that the product unfolds rather than a product with a price tag.


With product images, interior images, and those in between - room set images, Ekornes is well equipped for any situation and can therefore support their retailers with the image they need no matter whether the purpose is to inspire or to sell.


An extra feature with these scenes is that since the scene is already built and lighting and camera are set, the scene can be updated in a few hours. Check out these for example:

Do you see how it is the same scene that just looks different for each image? It is a very smart way to benefit from CGI because it is a flexible way to work with your product images.

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