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Feldhaus Klinker

Configuration / Interactive

Feldhaus Klinker is a German family business, which has previously received a customizer from Cadesign form. Back then, customers could change anything from brick slips to windows and gutters on a lot of different types of houses. Feldhaus Klinker has now added a new feature, which enables customers to see which type of brick slip they like the most – on their own house! This is because they can upload an image from their own computer and thereby try Feldhaus’ different types of brick slips on their own house – it does not get any closer to reality than this!

Therefore, the customers have the ability to find out exactly which brick slip they are looking for before they reach out to Feldhaus Klinker. It is a win-win-situation – the customers feel safe in the buying process and Feldhaus Klinker gets happy customers without lifting a finger.

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