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A brand new look for Fomaco

Over 10 years ago, we started making product films for Fomaco.

With CGI we can bring out the hidden functions and show the processing operation in action in all of Fomaco’s highly complex food processing machinery.

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Corporate Visual Identity

With 40+ years of know-how within state-of-the-art curing and marinating systems, specialist skills, and a constant desire to move forward, Fomaco creates ground-breaking and thoroughly tested curing machinery for the food processing industry worldwide.

In 2014, it was time for a visual lift. Fomaco needs to look as excellent as they perform, so together with their management we created a brand new Corporate Visual Identity. From brochures to work clothes, interior branding, business cards, and an all-encompassing corporate website. Not only do they now have a brand to match their global reach, they also have a streamlined marketing setup that is ready for the innovative ideas of the future.
Combining three very different target groups is no easy task, but we managed to deliver specified information to both the meat, poultry and fish industry.

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