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Fomaco’s identity development guarantees a strong corporate communication

The company Fomaco is specialized in the production of machines, which salt and marinate different kinds of meat. Fomaco was facing a generational handover, which they considered a perfect opportunity to give the company’s identity a facelift. Fomaco wanted an identity and a design, which signaled the high quality and professionalism that Fomaco stands for. Moreover, it was important to them to be able to communicate about their very complex products in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Cadesign form developed and refined the entire identity of Fomaco. We have been responsible for everything from the choice of corporate colours, logo design, corporate website, 3D images, 3D videos to the authoring and visual update of all brochures. This creates a common thread and therefore a strong corporate communication for Fomaco. We have developed a sharp visual website that ensures a user-friendly experience. Here we have focused on creating a strong visual communication about Fomaco’s complex products, which ensures that the customer both understands and remembers the products.

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