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3D is worth a thousand words

"We have some very complex machines." This is how Fomaco's marketing manager Sebastian Müller begins when asked to describe the company's machines, which salt and marinate meat, poultry and fish. "It's hard for ordinary people to understand the process that meat goes through in the machines," he says.

Fomaco found it particularly difficult to explain to clients at trade shows and sales meetings what their machines were capable of. The company quickly learned that, in order to understand the process in the machines, clients would have to see them from the inside.

"We needed to make it easier for our dealers to explain how our products work. We needed a solution that could illustrate things that normally can't be shown with video," Müller recalls.

The solution is 3D. With a 3D process video, Cadesign form enabled Fomaco to guide their clients all the way through the machines and show all of the processes. Because the film is based on 3D technology, Fomaco can now show everything that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but which is essential for understanding the machines and, of course, selling them.

"And, as an added bonus, it's also easier for our clients to remember our products," says a satisfied Müller, who concludes: "3D process videos say more than a thousand words."

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