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Frese is spot on with visualisation of its segments


3D images

Frese is one of the world’s leading producers of innovative fluid control and component solutions. Their products can be used in a variety of places, which means Frese has customers within many different businesses. Frese needs to be able to show in which segments their products are used – in the simplest possible way.

That is no problem with CGI! Frese has received an image, which shows where their products are used. You combine the areas in the same CGI image so the possible applications of their products make sense for the customers, no matter which business they come from. The picture has been made for a fair, where visitors can understand Frese’s universe within seconds and identify themselves as being in their target group. After the fair, Frese can use the CGI image in a vast number of marketing connections – and adjust it as they like.

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