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A cost saving solution for Gloster’s enormous product range

The well-known British company Gloster designs and manufactures exclusive furniture. They have a huge range of products, which one can customise in regards to colour, material and size. This is delightful for the customers but can be quite an expensive business, when it comes to the production of product images. Actually, it does not pay with traditional photography, which is why Gloster went with an easier and cheaper solution – CGI.

CGI is digital computer graphics, and thus, when a furniture is digitalised one can change the size, colour and the surrounding settings with only a few click. Picture renewal becomes simple and easy – especially since a lot of the CGI is recyclable. CGI is therefore a truly cost-saving solution for Gloster.

Gloster is now able to combine different furniture and settings in as many different product images as they wish to. It is no longer the price but rather their own creativity that sets the limit of what they can do…

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