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High-end 3D for a high-end standard-house-builder

Götenehus builds architect-designed standard-houses, and their houses are considered high-end products. Entrepreneurs like Götenehus faces an eternal challenge in creating marketing and sales material, as the process from the design of the building to the house is finished is quite long. Additionally it is important to Götenehus that the marketing and sales material reflects the quality of their houses, and so Götenehus went with the obvious approach with photorealistic CGI, where you for instance can create a house that is not yet build, as everything is build up digitally.

When working with CGI digitalization you are presented with an endless amount of options that makes it possible for you to tailor product images to very specific customer needs. Götenehus had some very specific requirements in relation to the environments surrounding the houses, as they wanted the environments to imitate the specific districts of their target group in Sweden. The result was a range of beautiful product images surrounded by some unique environments that creates the right atmosphere for the targeted customer segment.

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