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Invisible products? Let your customers see it all with 3D

The world's largest manufacturer of water pumps: That's what Grundfos is known as. The company's vast product portfolio ranges from ordinary pumps to Internet-based pump control systems.

In order to best understand Grundfos' products, one must see them both inside and out. The only problem is that, when in use, they are located underground, which makes it quite difficult to film them. So what to do? Show it in 3D.

Grundfos came to Cadesign form, because in 3D, there are no impossible angles and no limitations. The product is described in detail, while the customer is inspired and given a lightning-fast overview of the product's USPs.

Grundfos uses their product videos at trade shows worldwide. It makes for an effective product launch because, "it's eye-catching and gets people to come and see what the product can do," says Jesper Skadhauge, Global Product Manager for Grundfos. "But, most importantly, 3D video makes it easier for our customers to understand our products."

On the whole, 3D has made a big difference to Grundfos. That's because, in addition to product videos, Cadesign form has also produced 3D installation videos that explain everything in half the time, simplify the installation process and minimise the risk of incorrect installation. A QR code can be found on the product's packaging, and by scanning the code with a smartphone, customers can have the installation video appear on the screen and guide them step by step through the installation process.

"With 3D video, it's become much easier for our customers to install our products," concludes Skadhauge.

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