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Interactive 3D universe for one of the world’s leading water pipe manufacturers



When you talk about Grundfos, you automatically talk about water pumps. However, for Grundfos is it not only about pumping water from A to B. No, it is about the journey the water is on; from being pumped from the subsoil to being purified and then being pumped back into the underground again. Grundfos works with systems rather than single solutions. That way it is possible to optimize the entire process and make it as energy efficient as possible. This is the reason to Grundfos’ slogan; Optimised Water Solutions.

Grundfos faced several challenges. Primarily, the journey had to be an interesting story, whilst explaining the pumps functions. Finally, Grundfos wanted to equip sales staff with sales tools that easily paint a picture of Grundfos’ wide competences.

Though Grundfos already had a virtual world solution showing their products and how to use them but it was technically and visually outdates. Consequently, Cadesign form changed the solutions completely. It became modern, visually strong, easy for anyone to understand, and optimized it to work on all platforms. In the app Grundfos’ products and systems can be explored via five interactive islands that guide you to any information in an effortless way.

The virtually 3D-world has become so popular that it is used worldwide. The visually look is used at trade fairs among others. Besides, salespeople are thrilled to use the solution.

See for yourself what the fuss is all about - Explore Grundfos' universe:

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