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Join Grundfos on an exciting 3D journey

Grundfos is an international Danish owned company and is one of the largest manufacturer of water pumps. Grundfos has a complex and technical range of products, where updates occur regularly and where many products cut across major systems.

During the last couple of years, Cadesign form has streamlined and digitalized the entire picture production of Grundfos and today all pictures and movies are created using 3D. Grundfos only delivers a drawing of the product, which Cadesign form transforms into 3D images and 3D videos.

When using 3D you can delve into the product, cut it in half, see it from different angles or completely tear it apart – all of this staged in a unique 3D environment! It creates an exciting visual journey, which brings the customer to the heart of the product. It explains the complex in such a simple way that not only experts but also ordinary people can understand it.

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