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Our journey with Hellvik Hus

Come along on our journey with the Norwegian house manufacture company Hellvik Hus. Our journey with Hellvik Hus is one of our many success stories, where we found synergy between the story behind the company and the unattainable surroundings that are now attainable in 3D. First step in the process was to acknowledge Hellvik Hus’ message to their customers, get to know their customer base and also their brand in general. Furthermore, we try to make Hellvik Hus think big and not limited, as we want to be a part of the development of the company’s quality and branding, but always keeping the main focus which is to keep Hellvik Hus’ values in best possible way.


"Cadesign form delivers beautiful illustrations that attract interest, and are essential in selling homes. They have the necessary construction skills to get the details right. Working with Cadesign form has been a pleasure. They deliver as agreed and have set up efficient processes so we can deliver what we want without many adjustments."


Paulfrid Hegrestad, Marketing manager Hellvik Hus


Styling and setting is key

After we came to an agreement of the story we wanted to tell with the CGI images, we created a mood board where Hellvik Hus visually could see where we wanted to go with the 3D stills. Being familiar with our expertise, Hellvik Hus trusted us with the styling and setting, which made the process smoother. As we had the freedom to show 3D from its best side, we could play around with some more advanced settings and lightings, which we are very proud to present in the breathtaking 3D stills. With Hellvik Hus, we wanted their customers to fall in love with the atmosphere and ambience, which we hope you can see in the following CGI images.

A clear link between moodboards and final CGI-images

We worked with four different houses and settings, with each their story to tell, which we hope you can feel through the 3D images, aswell as the clear link between the mood boards and the final CGI-images. With great communication between our 3D graphic artists, stylists, project managers and Hellvik Hus, it turned out great. 

A digitalization journey 

Hellvik Hus were so satisfied with the outcome that we now have a close collaboration with creating CGI stills to their website and catalogues, but also working on a configurator which is the perfect next step. Once we have one model, one color, one fabric, we do not have to create it again. We just add on layers, which makes the process a lot more effective than it would have been in real life. Once their product is made in a high quality 3D model, we can put it anywhere in any surrounding they could dream of. This gets Hellvik Hus closer to their customers, they show transparency in their prices and it simply makes the process easier for themselves and their customers. They engage their customers to be active in the process by making it tangible instead of guessing how it would look in reality.

"We have worked with many different 3D suppliers over the years, but Cadesign stands out particularly favorably in being efficient, creative and implementing our wishes."


Paulfrid Hegrestad, Marketing manager Hellvik Hus

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