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Flawless product interaction for Icotera's customers

Icotera’s routers are prettier than most. This needs to be clear to potential customers who need to be able to explore and interact with the product. In order to make sure this interaction is always of high quality, Icotera has decided to use CGI and WebGL technology. No need to worry if WebGL is a new word for you;

By using WebGL (realtime CGI within the web browser), it is possible to show interactive products in a spectacularly high quality – directly in the user’s browser without using plug-ins. This allows for smooth, 360-degree product views and interaction. Normally, the user will experience some lagging when implementing this type of advanced user interaction. This is not the case when using WebGL because there are no renderings. So when Icotera’s customers interact with the product, things always run smoothly.

Try it out! Click here and enjoy the smooth transitions when you grab the product.

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