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New visual identity and website for Nordic consultancy

The consultancy intenz helps companies across the entire Nordic Region to find people and organisations in order to grow and create satisfaction, performance and results through the competencies of strategy, culture, leadership, sales and measuring results. One of intenz's most important marketing tools consists of producing freely available articles and videos, and inviting people to free inspiration seminars. "For some, the consulting industry can seem like a somewhat airy business. Our seminars are an opportunity to come in and get a real sense for intenz. These seminars are essentially our showroom," explains Sandra Houmann, a consultant for intenz.

However, intenz was locked in an outdated website that did not only look messy, but also made it hard for clients to find and register for the seminars. At the same time, intenz felt its visual profile did not represent the company's identity, and it was therefore time for something new. Based on a thorough identity analysis and user tests, Cadesign form presented a complete redesign of intenz's website. Cadesign form also structured and brought order to the enormous article and video archive, while making the website intuitively navigable for users. In addition to bringing intenz's seminars to the forefront, a few effective devices were integrated that made them impossible to overlook.

But that was far from all. Cadesign form packed everything into a strong new visual profile that supports intenz's core values and transmits the consultancy's true nature ? a profile that has since been used in all of intenz's online and printed material.

"Cadesign form had to think ambitiously for us; they had to think outside the box. And we've received some fantastic responses to their work. A lot of people have experienced that what they find online is what they get in real life," says Houmann, happily. And if the verbal feedback isn't convincing enough, the figures will have to speak for themselves: intenz's new website has gone from 11,000 to 32,000 visitors every six months, and seminar registration has risen by an impressive 240%.

"Right now our articles and seminars are what's being read most online," says Houmann, who concludes:
"We're very, very happy."

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