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Thank you Facebook
- 74 % increase in rentals 

Tirsbaek Bakker in Jutland, Denmark is a magnificently picturesque landscape with an overlook over both forest and fiord. Juulsbjerg Real Estate owns the area and have built beautiful, low-maintenance terraced houses in a strong and timeless nordic architectural style. But even the prettiest houses need to be exposed to potential tenants to go off the market.

588 link click for as little as 57.46£
- that's 0.09£ per click!

After a slowdown in rental rate on new-established houses, Juulsbjerg Real Estate decided to try Facebook advertising - not through boosts but through Facebook Business Manager. 

The cool thing about Facebook is that it is so cheap to try out that it is almost ridiculous not to do so. They quickly realised that the effect greatly surpassed the expense. 

Facebook (whether you are a fan or not) has a segmented audience that no media can measure up to and every time you have ended a campaign, you can hit even closer to your target group next time, due to the data you continuously collect.

Even though we can never state that Facebook is the sole responsible for an accumulated marketing effort, it is a fact that rentals increased with 74 % over a period of 4 months and a total price of 347£. So, it's safe to say that it's worth a try.

 Okay, of course you also need to take into account that the Juulsbjerg Real Estate houses really do have something to offer ...

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