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3D images offer the customer a holistic experience of Keller’s products

Keller Keuchen is part of the Bruynzeel concern, which is the largest supplier of kitchens in the Benelux region. For kitchen companies the eternal challenge is to produce high quality marketing material at a fair price, since each new product series requires the staging of a new kitchen. Due to that, Keller came to Cadesign form in search of a more resource- and cost-saving alternative – why photorealistic CGI was the obvious choice.

Keller wanted their product images to give the customers a holistic experience of their kitchens. CGI is digital computer graphics, which provides you with an infinite amount of graphic opportunities to create a holistic experience of a product. Using CGI images, you can always captivate the perfect angle, the right zoom, the ideal lightning in unspoiled surroundings, which all together ensures a complete experience of a Keller kitchen-universe. Cadesign form delivered a holistic experience of a Keller kitchen in a high and photorealistic quality and freed Keller from having to build an entirely new kitchen from scratch…

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