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LINAK attracts attention with impressive CGI films

LINAK is a world leader in electric linear actuation. When launching two of their rather complex products, making a video is the way to go!

Kick & Click is a mounting solution, which enables you to assemble desks without using any tools! The genius features of the product are hidden, which is why LINAK has chosen CGI animation as it allows you to look behind the façade and see, how Kick & Click works. In just one minute, LINAK both presents the innovative product and the simple installation.

LINAK’s new, groundbreaking control boxes, CA30/CA40, which can be used all over the world, deserve an introduction with style. Therefore, LINAK has got a film to present the product that through fascinating and dramatic effects explain the qualities of the revolutionary product. The launch of the product happened at a fair, where a countdown started an hour before the premiere of the video. When time was up, hundreds of people were looking at the screen while the film was presented, and CA30/CA40 got an introduction, which was revolutionary in itself.

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