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A strongly communicating CGI-universe for Linco

Linco is part of the Baader concern, which produces food processing systems, where Linco is specialized in food processing systems for poultry. The food processing process includes a range of different machines with their respective unique function. Consequently, Linco’s products are very technically difficult to both explain and understand. Due to that, Linco needed a tool to help them in the communication about their products – both for internal and external use.

Linco and their products constitute an entire universe per se, so we thought, why not create an interactive CGI universe that is founded on the entire production process of Linco? In the universe, the user is able to click around and receive information on products, download brochures and see videos that visualize part of the production process. This creates an exceptional user experience, which brings the product to a level that not only experts but also regular people can understand. It is strongly communicating and visually fascinating at the same time…

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