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CGI Film

With individuality and the best quality, markilux makes outdoor living even more enjoyable than ever before. Thanks to the unique accessories, all functions of the awning and other products can easily be controlled by remote control or CONNEXOON®, available for smartphone and tablet. markilux has opted for a 3D animation to capture all functions and applications. As a result, the strengths of the products can be shown in the perfect surroundings. This means that customers will quickly learn the benefits of markilux’ products and how they can use them to create their own cozy outdoor space.

For this purpose, 3D videos are extremely good. Despite having found the most wonderful outdoor space, photographers are dependent on their surroundings and nice weather. With CGI, even the wait for the dusk is obsolete - everything is digitally feasible. The reusability and extensibility of the scenes are just two more advantages of CGI. If there are new products or features, these scenes can easily be reused and expanded. So no need to worry about having the perfect shot when you leave the location – CGI is flexible and if the angle you had planned on using is not so good after all, we just change it!

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