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Feel the atmosphere with photography and CGI

Micro Matic produces equipment that pours draught beer. They needed a picture of their beer pump in the right environment. Specifically, Micro Matic would like a New York inspired bar on a dark night. In order to take such a picture, they need to find the right location, make adjustments to make it fit their wishes, wait for the weather to be as they wish, close the bar for the night, and make sure there is no one on the street. A complicated, long, and very expensive process. Instead, Micro Matic reached out to Cadesign form and made us create the perfect location, the right lighting, and the cozy atmosphere. The model is completely real though! We have photographs of her that we put into the digitally constructed bar. CGI is flexible and besides being able to combine it with photography, you have more freedom in the process. Micro Matic made use of this when they realized they wanted to get another angle of the bar in the middle of the process. This wasn’t a problem as we could easily make it for them.

Micro Matic’s Marketing Manager, Peter Vejlgaard Jørgensen, says about the project:

“Cadesign works on a highly professional level and we are very satisfied with the pictures that came out of the process. We truly value the flexibility and opportunities we get for the future by working with real CGI. Furthermore, Cadesign can easily implement our own Cad-files into their system, which makes a fast and effective work process possible.”

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