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Targeted product presentation for Moland

Moland primarily produces flooring and stocks an enormous range. With an ambitious growth and marketing strategy, Moland wished to heighten focus on inspiration and not least accessibility to their large range of flooring solutions. But with such a large product catalogue and countless combination possibilities, Moland faced a challenge: how to present the products in an inspiring, engaging way?

With a customizer from Cadesign form, Moland was equipped with the ultimate sales tool – an online product configurator, which with photo-realistic 3D images makes it possible to show a complex product range in a clear, easy and gorgeous-looking display. With the customizer, Moland has gained a highly communicating microsite, which offers optimum presentation of Moland's products while also allowing the customers themselves to put together their own combinations.

"Everyone is going around with a little tablet, and if we want to make additional sales, then we need to hop on-board the customizer train," says Lise Granfeld from Moland.

And Moland has already begun noticing the rewards:

"Customizers are a genuine sales-supporting tool! Our sales team uses them extensively. While they have the customer on the line, the sellers guide them directly into the customizers. From here, the customers themselves can generate PDFs with all the product information. We can also see that people seek out the customizers for themselves and call us solely to find out more about them. So even though we haven't actually marketed them at all, the response has been really good," concludes Lise Granfeld about the effect the new tool has had.

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