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CGI kitchens worthy of a Michelin-starred chef

It’s a match made in food heaven: Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr. and kitchen manufacturer Moores have joined forces to create a new kitchen range “Roux Kitchens”. It’s a high-end kitchen range worthy of a Michelin-starred chef but is intended for all the family chefs. All details have been carefully considered and if you ask the famous chef himself, this is what he has to say about the kitchen range:

'We've included the latest natural lighting technology, made use of every corner and employed principles from a chef's workflow. And, of course, we've made sure it all looks completely beautiful. A warm, luxurious minimalism you'll still love in years to come.'

Functional and spectacular kitchens demand the best marketing materials. Moores knows CGI is the right way to go and therefore has CGI stills that accentuate all the beautiful details so everyone can see how to get a little Michelin magic in their own home.

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