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A long-term partnership

Sometimes, struggles push us to do better and be smarter. Our journey with Nobia started out challenging with the financial crisis in 2007. Doing more with less and taking the creative approach has led to a long-term partnership based on mutual respect and trust – creating high-end kitchen presentations to the many Nobia markets around the world.

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Let them customise


Nobia knows their customers. Their customers know what they want. To melt the two together, you develop a customisation tool. It is the tool that is known as the ultimate sales converter, and it is in fact a win-win tool. On the customer side, Nobia’s customers have fun with the products, they are subject to branding, they are reassured and proud of their customised solution, and hence, more inclined to buy. On the sales side; the sales representatives spend less time per customer as they all come well-prepared and the sales team will continuously receive valuable knowledge about which products, colours, materials, and combinations are the most popular.

Customising ewe


A customizer enables the customers to design a kitchen that looks good in itself, but they can also make sure it is a fit to the style in their home.

To Austrian kitchen manufacturer ewe, and its two other brands FM and INTUO, we created three customising tools. The customizers present the kitchens in different settings and allow the user to adjust anything from cabinets and tabletops to the wooden floors.

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Helping HTH help their customers


Cadesign form developed a unique customising tool for HTH’s website, where customers can design their own wardrobe. By combining different materials and colours with different environments, the customer can create unique wardrobe solutions tailored to the individual customer’s needs.

Bringing life to a still

Nobia manufactures 135,000 cabinets every week, so keeping each kitchen image fresh, innovative and unique can be quite the challenge. That is where trend knowledge, styling expertise, and creative ideas come in handy. Combined with the opportunity to make exciting rooms in diverse homes with artistic lighting and creating numerous variations in materials and textures, we can bring the perfectly tuned atmosphere and life into any still image.

Making Magnet digital

Cadesign form digitalised Magnet’s products, and made it possible for Magnet to visualise the ocean of opportunities that they can offer their customers, giving Magnet the opportunity to mix and match the colours, shapes and content of the image.

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